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Four Pillars

I've been coaching collegiately for 30 years and have had conference, NCAA and international level success at every school I've worked.  I'm "old school" and honestly have never really been excited about coaching post-collegians from a distance - until this year.  For me, coaching has always been about my personal investment in the athletes regardless of their level and I never felt like I could get that connection with on-line or remote coaching.  However, one of the positives of the 2020 pandemic has been that I have been exposed to the technology (Zoom, WhatsApp, and on and on) that has now become so prevalent and I have found that I can connect on personal level with athletes in farther-flung locations.  It's a new world!

  The on-line coaching market has a lot of services available.  My niche in this new on-line coaching world is working with a small number of motivated, determined athletes that want to break through - be it on the elite level, the aspiring elite level, the local racing scene or simply to set PR's.  If you are invested in your running, I am as well. My coaching philosophy has always centered on four key pillars:

Individualization, Progression, Commitment and Communication.

* Individualization: a specific plan tailored to your goals and situation.

*Progression: starting from where you are and moving systematically toward your goals.

*Commitment: we're both all-in on this process

*Communication: regular, accessible communication to tie together the plan and your on-your-feet experience

  If that approach sounds like it would benefit your running, reach out and we can discuss moving forward, faster!

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